Big Screens on the Go offers different indoor or outdoor video led screens products that have been used by events and brands for so many purposes. The options ensure that events or brands will find the LED screen that will draw just the right amount of attention. At one point, graffiti and billboards were all the rage. It’s not surprising. After all, image-based ads remain ten times more attention grabbing than text-based advertising. However, as marketing exhausts all forms and style of images, standing out in the clutter becomes difficult.

Moving billboards became a natural progression. Rotating billboards were introduced allowing brands to provide an illusion of movement.

Eventually, video walls were introduced. Since then, LED jumbotron screens have come into play, further providing companies a more versatile and effective way of connecting with the audience. Through LED screens, what used to be a one-way communication has become a two way conversation.

The Galaxy S4 used a LED screen to actually interact with consumers. A LED screen was placed in the middle of a busy mall. People were asked to stare at a Galaxy S4 phone on the screen for 60 minutes. It sounds easy but with distractions such as K9 dongs, guitarists and others, it’s easy to take your eyes off the screen. And many did.

The key was not really in exposing the brand. It was all about brand experience, converting a LED screen to a giant connection. The screen made it possible for people to feel a personal connection.

Be Seen in the Midst of Brightness

The most obvious benefit of what Nike did is visibility. At the time, Reuters stated that about 1.5 million people see the sign everyday.

Although it is, by now, a well-established fact that building connection with a consumer isn’t just about visibility, getting noticed is still the first step. No amount of uniqueness or creativity will matter if the consumers don’t stop to take part of the brand activity. LED screens brightness guarantees visibility even at midday.

Last year, the New York Giants used LED Screens to provide the audience with a different experience by putting real-time fan photos, live video streams, and interactive game-day features on the screens. From the average 11,000 posts, the New York Giants generated more than 50,000 posts.

Make Your Consumer the Star

Mobile phones and tablets are often hailed as the ultimate medium for intimate communication. To a certain extent, that’s true. Millennials like conversations and sharing their opinions especially when it paints them in an image they aspire to be. They are eager to share, just take one glance at social media.

Digital interaction is the portal to everything – news, entertainment and connection. In fact, Media Insight Project’s 2014 study revealed that 52% of millennials talk with their friends about new things they discover and experience digitally.

The one thing LED screens provide is the ability to multiply that experience of sharing a hundred times over. Instead of looking at their own screen they get to share the experience with everyone who can see the LED screen real time.

The Real Magic Trick

The real magic trick LED screens can do for you is connecting you or your brand with the consumers on such intimate levels that you can develop personal relationship with your market in an instant. A LED screen is just a medium, an important one, a game changing one. It can turn your brand around from a mere product to a partner, a part of the consumer’s everyday life, a symbol that represents a part of them.

From commercial brands like Samsung and Nike to the elections, LED screens made it possible to connect people to people and brands to people. Although success is still highly dependent on the concept, LED screens are undeniably making more things possible. Big Screens on the Go can be this portal for you. See how they can help

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