View FIFA in Style

View FIFA in Style

The FIFA World Cup Tournament is once again approaching, which means you should approach watching it differently this year. Renting one of our LED jumbotrons is the picture-perfect way to view the tournament. As opposed to a basic projector screen, our jumbotrons offer a bold and clear image even in broad daylight, so you can watch those morning games outside with no problems! Our jumbotrons make an excellent centerpiece at bars, soccer clubs, and private parties.

Make Your Venue The Hot Ticket

Everyone loves a good rowdy sports bar to watch their favorite games at! When every other bar or restaurant has TVs stuck to their walls, place yourself above the competition by putting a big screen on your patio or by the wall. Your guests will love the ease at which they can watch their favorite players dash across the screen, as well as the fun atmosphere that will come with making the game such a big deal.

Show Your Team Some Appreciation

Get the whole team together to watch their role models. Treat your players and their devoted fans to a FIFA party to thank them for all their hard work. Set up one of our jumbotrons on your indoor field to give them some well-deserved time off after a hard practice. Who knows—maybe they’ll learn a thing or two from watching the best of the best on a grand scale.

Be The Envy Of The Neighborhood

Impress your friends by throwing a party—and make it big! Rent a jumbotron to put in your backyard for a few days. Then invite all of your friends over, break out the lawn chairs, the chips and dip, and the music. Worried about a stormy day? Relax– Our jumbotrons are rain and wind resistant!

This summer, bring the FIFA World Cup Tournament outside of your TV set, and maybe just bring it outside! Adding our LED screens to any event will surely make you the talk of the town, but throwing one into the mix during FIFA World Cup will make you a champion. In addition to providing our screens, we have employees available to help with the equipment if necessary. Our jumbotrons are available to rent or buy on our website, or call (888) 830-8011 for more information.