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Social Media Wall – Big Screens on the Go

A Social Media Wall is also sometimes referred to as a Twitter wall, a tweet wall or a live stream. It is essentially a digital wall that accumulates posts from numerous social media sources into a single location. It enables you to “broadcast” numerous posts that are relevant to your event, your audience and your sponsors thanks to the convenient use of hashtags. With a Social Media Wall you will be empowered to present digital communications that encourage your attendees to interact.

How a Social Media Wall is a major asset for your next special event:

Social Media Walls are an effective way to interact with customers and attendees with your specific brand through posts that appear on your event’s Jumbotron within just a few seconds! Consider a social media wall as another, very powerful marketing tool that enhances your overall event -whether you’re hosting a block party, a running race, a trade show, a festival or corporate event. It’s only natural that attendees enjoy seeing themselves, their friends and their coworkers on the big screen – a Social Media Wall encourages them to post in real time – and the more people at your event who are posting customized hashtags and logos means a better chance at trending.

Big Screens On the Go is a national Jumbotron and concert screen provider for a variety of events. We specialize in providing our clients with quality big screens, clear audio and comprehensive media solutions that result in a significant return on their investment. A media wall is part of our outstanding Jumbotron rental package – contact Big Screens On The Go at 888-830-8011 and talk with our team about your next big outdoor or indoor event!