• Large Birthday Party Ideas Jumbotron

Welcome back to the blog of Big Screens On the Go! In our last blog post, we began talking about the types of events that we have and can work with and how we can help your next big even be the most memorable and profitable yet. We discussed how since we use LED screens versus projector technology, this allows your neighborhood movie night to start earlier so families can still put their kids to bed at their regular bedtime. We also talked about our driving campaign trucks that can help you advertise your event to an even larger audience. Lastly, we shared how we can help your charity event be the best one yet and can actually create revenue and change.


There is a lot that goes into putting on a festival: stage rentals, lighting, staff, insurance, and more. When you add one of our jumbotrons to your event, you will not only make your event more visually interesting and more fun for your festival goers, but you will also give your festival the opportunity to make the most it ever has, allowing you to better support your organization and possibly grow next year’s event.


Parades can be fun events for the entire family, unless most of the family can’t see the parade. Our large screens for events create more excitement about the parade and allows spectators to see even more of the parade. Also, you are truly able to create a multi-media event with crowd-interactive elements, opportunities to celebrate parade history and for local advertisers to show their support. All the other aspects of what a large LED screen can provide can draw larger crowds to your event creating more profits. However with the opportunity for more advertisers to join your event, your parade just got a lot more profitable.


Tailgate Parties

Your next big tailgating party for the next big game deserves a big screen. A jumbotron can not only get fans amped up for the game, but can be a fun way of interacting with all tailgaters. Also, as we’ve mentioned above several times, a large screen can be a great opportunity for more advertisers to really show their love for the local team and gain fans. When you invest in our products and services you get a social media wall, live and moderated, a video camera and operator, two PAs, commercial programing, text to vote, and more!

Trade Shows

Trade show screens are a must at your next big event! Trade shows are all part of businesses showing what they have to offer and creating profitable partnerships. A large screen can not only show off your products better, but you can also create excitement about trade show panels and events and even integrate social media. Your event or your individual company can use a jumbotron to show that you are forward-thinking and innovative.

To learn more about what comes in our large screens for events package, visit our website! We don’t just provide the screen. We provide the manpower, support equipment, and extras such as a social media wall, commercial programing, and more. To learn how we can make your event not only the biggest and most memorable, but also the most profitable, visit our website! Big Screens on the Go would love to help you have the best event yet!