Now is the time to start planning for those upcoming events!  A whole season full of special events, concerts, tailgate parties, movie nights, and more.  Looking ahead to Spring and Summer is a special time of year for many across the U.S. for the winter cold, which has kept most secluded inside, has passed and it’s time to enjoy sunny days and warm fragrant summer nights. Summertime is an exciting time of the year for those of us at Big Screens On the Go, for we enjoy helping you put on your popular summer events. We are excited to partner with you to help your guests better enjoy your event and to help you generate more revenue for your company, cause, or organization. Today, we are going to talk about some types of events that profit from our large screens for events, other products, and our services the most.

Block Parties & Movie Nights

Warmer weather gives the opportunity for the whole community to come together through special events such as movie nights and block parties. Most large screen rental companies, use projector technology to help you show your movie or media. The problem that most run into when they hire projectors is that the media can not be seen during the day. When you rent one of our LED screens, the movie or other media can be seen anytime of day, allowing you to truly put on a family movie night that starts and ends at times that more closely fit family bedtime schedules.



Endurance Events & Walks

When you put on a charity event, you are not just hoping to raise awareness, but you are hoping to raise money, because though awareness can create change, having money to invest in your cause is what provides the most momentum. Putting on an event can be incredibly expensive with all that you need to rent, but when you invest in one of our large screens for events or one of our other products, you can actually gain revenue. Not only can you make the event more exciting for those who attend, but also if you have a large screen you’ve just opened up an opportunity for advertisers to get their name out there and may be more willing to sponsor your event.

These are just a few of the events that can our large screens for event can be incredibly useful for. Stay tuned for our follow up blog to learn more about the events that can not only be more exciting and memorable for your attendees, but also more profitable for you. Visit our website to learn more about Big Screens On the Go, as well as information about our rentals, products for sale, and client reviews. Contact us today about your next big event!
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