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To make your event successful, you must market it and market it correctly. Often what stands between your event being the next big thing and just a good idea is how many people know about it and how many of the right people know about it. We at Big Screens on the Go want to help you have the best, most memorable and profitable event possible. Here are some steps to take to have an effective marketing campaign.

Set Clear Goals

As with anything in life, you must have clear set goals for your event. Goals to define before you start thinking about what color your event poster should be are:

  • Who do you want at your event?
  • What is the goal of our event (i.e. profit, awareness)?

Once you know who you want at your event and the financial outcome. You can decide how best to attract your target audience!  You should know not only what will attract your audience, but how you will get noticed by your target audience.

Communicate Those Goals

Next, you need to communicate your goals to the rest of those who are putting on the event. If others in your organization aren’t sure what an event is ultimately about, this can spell disaster. As with most business ventures, you must have inner-organization that is efficient and effective. Also, another tip is to make sure that you have an organized system for not only putting the event together, but also keeping the event together. Organization is key!


Leverage Current Marketing Tools

Once you know your target audience and the goal of your event, you can begin to investigate which current marketing tools you can utilize. Digital marketing will most likely play a key role in your event marketing: Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and blogging to your advantage with a high-quality website. The world of marketing is constantly changing and expanding. Do your research and see what the latest marketing tools or social media can do for you, but also do not forget about types of tried and true physical marketing as well.

Promote During the Event

Just because you have attendees doesn’t mean that your marketing endeavors stops there. To maintain the buzz, you need to keep engaging with your audience through live tweeting, Snapchat filters, and live streaming. You could even build your own app with event schedules and other capabilities that makes attending your event even more convenient and exciting.

Post-Event Marketing

After your event has come to a close, you are still not done. Keep the buzz going by posting pictures and videos of the event, even creating a video that is a collection of photos, video, tweets, and other media of your event. Not only will this keep the excitement of the event going, but attendees may share this with their friends creating hype for next year’s event.

Big Screens On the Go & Your Next Event

Big Screen on the go can help you put on the best most profitable event with our large screens for events and our services. We can not only provide a large LED screen that can be seen day or night, but we also provide the personnel to manage equipment and truly make your event memorable. We can provide a social media wall, commercial programing, video camera operator, PA system, video editing and graphic design and more. Visit our website to learn more about our large screens for event and how we can make your next event the most profitable and talked about event of the year!